Young environmentalists appeal to women around the world

Young environmentalists appeal to women around the world

Tatyana Gigel presented an address by the ‘Young Environmentalists (Ekolyata) of Russia’ with an appeal to preserve the planet’s nature during the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum

“Nature conservation is an important national objective for each country”, Tatyana Gigel, a member of the Federation Council Committee on Agrarian and Food Policy and Nature Management, said while presenting the address by the ‘Ekolyata of Russia’. The Ekolyata are calling on women from different countries to take all possible measures to protect planet Earth.

Gigel served as the chairman of the working group on the ‘Ekolyata of Russia invites friends’ campaign during the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum. Representatives of the younger generation of Russia are the main participants in this social project. Gigel said finding a solution to problems concerning sustainable nature conservation largely depends on their level of awareness in matters concerning ecology and that is why it is extremely important to pay special attention to the formation of a ‘nature loving’ culture among adolescents.

Work to this end is being carried out based on an initiative from the Russian president.

Vladimir Putin has repeatedly spoken about the need to provide children and young people with a patriotic education, including additional education, in which one of the most important elements should be ecology.

During her speech, Gigel stressed that similar projects are being implemented with the support of the Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko. In particular, along with the ‘Ekolyata of Russia’, senators have established and continue to support many other social and educational organizations that are being successfully implemented in the regions, for example ‘Ekolyata-Preschool’, ‘Ekolyata’, and ‘Young Nature Defenders’.

While presenting the address from the ‘Ekolyata of Russia’, Matvienko noted the main positions brought up by the young people. They urge women from all continents to join forces in achieving the noble goal of preserving the Earth’s natural resources and beauty. The address will be submitted to the event’s Organizing Committee, which means that its ideas will be an underlying part of the forum’s final resolution. The text of this document will then be forwarded to heads of state, government, parliaments, and leaders of public organizations.

Sukhrob Sharipov, Eurasian Women’s Community Information Agency