Young Pakistani politician: Marvi Memon

Young Pakistani politician: Marvi Memon

Representatives of the Parliament of Pakistan will take part in the EAWF 

The Interparliamentary dialogue ‘Women for the Sustainable Development of the Global World’ will be held as a part of the Second Eurasian Women's Forum. Politicians from different countries will exchange experience and ideas on addressing challenges of mankind. Marvi Memon, a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan, coordinator of the Russian Federation–Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship group

Marvi Memon is a young and talented politician. She started her political career in 2007 when she joined the Pakistan Muslim League and was elected as a member of National Assembly. Today, Marvi is a member of the Lower House of Parliament, Chair of the Benazir Bhutto Income Support Programme, and have worked a lot for women’s rights.

Moreover, Marvi Memon is the coordinator of the Russian Federation–Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship group. The politician notes that Pakistan wants to establish a long-term and multi-faceted cooperation with Russia for the sake of peace and stability. At one of the meetings, the representatives of both countries discussed wider cooperation on issues of regional security and the fight against terrorism, as well as trade relations.

Marvi Memon has been largely successful in entrepreneurship. She founded Pakistan’s largest vehicle tracking company TRAKKER. However, subsequently she decided to devote her life to public service by choosing a career of a politician. 

Anna Repina, Eurasian Women's Community Information Agency