Yulia Rakova: Internet Is the Area of Freedom

Yulia Rakova: Internet Is the Area of Freedom

Opportunities given by digitalisation 

Experts believe that about half of today’s professions will disappear in 10-15 years because of the process of digitalisation. However, is it frightening? Yulia Rakova has been seriously exploring the issues related to new technologies, artificial intelligence, and programming-related jobs for several years already. She believes that the digital world brings more opportunities than threats. One shouldn’t be afraid of it. Ms. Rakova teaches people to adjust to the changes and use the opportunities for fulfilment of their potential in the online space.  

Yulia Rakova - Marketing Director of GetResponse Russia, Member of Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs' Committee on International Cooperation and Subcommittee on and Digital Economy and Innovation, Expert of Google and Sberbank, Russian Venture Company and RBC TV channel, blogger 

Ms. Rakova first immersed in the digital world when studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA. She was so interested in the topic that continued to actively develop in this field after her return to Russia about 9 years ago. Such phenomena as development of digital economy, breakthrough technologies, and automation tools attracted Yulia Rakova’s attention. She also studied at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, the Chartered Institute of Marketing CIM in London, and the Business School of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.


Today, Yulia Rakova regularly delivers lectures and webinars, takes part in large-scale events as a speaker, and serves a mentor within educational classes. She is the author of more than 30 publications in the leading digital media including Lifehacker, Cossa, Slon, and others. The expert runs a popular blog followed by 60 thousand subscribers on social networks. She believes that a professional may have many achievements but his or her main victory is that he or she found the favourite activity and became useful to people around. 

Yulia Rakova sees her main goal in helping people adapt to changes, settle into the digital world, and take full advantage of all the new opportunities. 

Many people are cautious about new technologies. This is caused by the fact that people do not yet understand what changes are awaiting the society and what should be done to get adjusted to the new digital world. As an expert, Ms. Rakova informs people about the opportunities and challenges brought by modern technologies. 


Development of artificial intelligence and programmed robots directly threaten the existence of a number of professions. As calculated by experts, about 47% of professions can be automated by 2033. Specialists must learn to use new technologies related to their professions and develop relevant skills not to lose their job and remain demanded. 

At the same time, digitalisation contributes to appearance of many interesting and future-oriented jobs. 

For example, SMM manager, content manager, video marketing expert, videographer, digital marketing and online sales director are among today’s demanded jobs in digital marketing industry. Those relatively highly paid professions can be mastered by anyone who is ready to learn and is not afraid of trying new things. 


“To avoid threats, one should understand digital world, know how networks operate, how the internet develops, what professions emerge in the online space, and be able to use the automation programmes”, believes Yulia Rakova. 

The internet, according to the expert, is the area, which is free from prejudice and limits. People of different age and professions including those with disabilities are today working in the online space, achieve success, and become opinion leaders. The internet has no glass ceiling and gender stereotypes. Every person can obtain ground for development and fulfil his or her potential there.

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Юлия-Ракова5.jpg Юлия-Ракова6.jpg Юлия-Ракова7.jpg Юлия-Ракова8.jpg Юлия-Ракова9.jpg Юлия-Ракова10.jpg Юлия-Ракова11.jpg Юлия-Ракова12.jpg Юлия-Ракова13.jpg

“I wish women to master the digital world, the area of freedom, quicker. This is the new space having many opportunities and prospects. One must not be afraid of them but use them”, advises Yulia Rakova. 

She recommends women not to be shy but tell more about their activities on social networks, run blogs, and develop their personal brands on the net. The online space is a unique platform where people can exchange experience, share the secrets of success, inspire and support one another, and thus become stronger. 

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Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov