Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

High Time to Rethink Values

Barbara Dietrich on key agenda of the Peace 50
High Time to Rethink Values

The unique feature of the Peace 50 community is that it makes it possible to form horizontal communication among countries. Today, the community’s Organising Committee consists of four women leaders from Turkey, the USA, Russia, and Belgium. Barbara Dietrich, Editor-in-Chief of the Diplomatic World magazine, is one of them. We talked to her about the goals and challenges of Peace 50 at a time when the world has found itself in a difficult situation because of the pandemic.

ДитрихT.jpg Barbara Dietrich
Editor-in-Chief of the Diplomatic World Belgian magazine, co-founder of the Peace 50 community

The Peace 50 regularly host meetings where participants list intermediate results of their activities, exchange ideas and experience, and discuss ways to address pressing problems. This year’s Summit took place in an online format. The new pandemic of the coronavirus, which affected all spheres of society and triggered the crisis, was one of the main topics for discussion.


“With the difficult situation we are in, a need became apparent that women have to play an important role in the male-dominated world. We can contribute to addressing global problems greatly. That is why it is so important to attract women to all spheres of social life”, believes Barbara Dietrich. 

That idea became the basis of the Summit’s name and concept – Global Women for Global Growth.


Even though the agenda of the summits changed because of the pandemic, the key goal of the Peace 50 remained the same. 

“It was important for us to create a platform to support the community of women with respect, shared values, and common ideas as forces that unite us. We believe that women can be extraordinary changers using their soft power for making a positive difference”, says Barbara Dietrich.


According to the expert, annual global summits contribute to bringing women from different countries closer together, inspiring their confidence, and the formation of effective communication aimed at addressing global problems. 

“We are always learning from one another, exchanging our experience, and uniting to fulfil joint projects within the Peace 50. Thus, we reveal new opportunities for one another”.


Barbara Dietrich emphasized that the Peace 50 community had instantly become a unique platform based on something more important than business collaboration. Women of different cultures, religions, ages, and professions found common ground at once without any interpreter.

“When creating the Peace 50 community, we understood: commitment to harmony, the ability to heal using words and actions, the desire to improve the world, and creative approach to tackling tasks unite women from all over the world. Despite being so different, we are the same. That is why the dialogue arose automatically”, explains Ms. Dietrich.


According to her, communication based on deep mutual understanding can change the world for the better. Today, in difficult times for all humanity, it is high time to rethink values, to understand what is important for society. Women peace-bringers more than anyone else are capable of becoming ‘beacons’ that point the way. 

Viktoria Yezhova, Global Women Media news agency

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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