Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

Towards Peace Through Collaboration

Vanda Gagiano on the constructive collaboration of women of the world
Towards Peace Through Collaboration

Vanda Gagiano is a member of the Peace 50 community, one of its permanent experts, and a longtime friend of the Global Women Media. She is an incredibly charismatic, energetic, and socially active woman who always willingly shares her views and experience on the effective involvement of women in all areas of society. That was the topic of Ms. Gagiano’s report at the Summer Peace Summit. According to Vanda Gagiano, women are the epitome of soft power, love, and self-sacrifice.

Ванда_0T.jpg Vanda Gagiano
Honorary President of Free State Women Agricultural Union in South Africa

Ms. Gagiano believes, today, there is a particular need for women’s participation in all fields of society’s life. Despite the fact that women have established themselves socially, economically, culturally, and politically, they are still underrepresented in decision-making processes in the field of international relations. However, it is often issues of peace that are particularly close to them. 

“The presence of women in discussions related to the preservation of peace can make a remarkable difference in terms of humanity’s future. We, women, are important agents for creating stability in the lives of our families and to promote reconciliation and peace even under very difficult and traumatic situations”. 


Women from all over the world need to unite, thus creating an entire network to exchange opinions, experience, and ideas and to carry out joint projects. It is necessary to do that at the local, national, and international levels. Those women who have a certain authority in society can have a positive impact on the masses by attracting more people to intercultural horizontal communication. 

The strength of people lies in their unity. Thus, women from different countries and organisations can jointly hold more peaceful actions and summits to address major global problems. Then their voices will be louder and the world will hear them. The main thing is to make governments of different countries aware of the high importance of such women’s peacekeeping activities. 


“It is the responsibility of women of the world to create an environment where all conflicts will be solved peacefully”. 

Today, it is necessary to promote women’s leadership in the political field. This will make it possible for them to participate fully in the negotiating processes and resolving disputable situations among countries. Greater female representation will help people consider problems from different perspectives and find the most effective ways to preserve peace addressing the needs of representatives of both sexes and different sectors of society. According to Vanda Gagiano, that will become a key to establishing a more peaceful society over time. 

“We need female role models of energetic, socially responsible, wise, and caring women at every level of all institutions”. 


If we underestimate the role of women, important parts of the ‘peace puzzle’ can be missed. According to Vanda Gagiano, then there will be the risk of straying from the path of sustainable development and focusing on solutions that will be most likely to fail. 

“It is necessary to make sure that every person on the planet thinks about peace to achieve it. It is women who can attract the attention of people to actually important issues”. 

The Second Summer Peace Summit was dedicated to discussing issues related to the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, which affected different areas of society. The Summit participants paid much attention to the topic of the loss of universal values. As emphasized by Vanda Gagiano, women can make a great contribution to the solution of this problem like nobody else. 


They are naturally endowed with positive energy, which charges them as well as all those around them. They inspire the world with their ingenuity, kindness, and humanity. Ms. Gagiano believes, that is why women are able to create a new system of values and reestablish love in people’s hearts. She called on all Peace 50 members to always focus their efforts on creation and strive to leave a trace in the life of humanity. 

At the end of her report, Vanda Gagiano quoted a piece from the World Peace Newsletter. She emphasized the importance of global peace as a key to happiness. However, one should understand that external harmony can only be maintained when one achieves inner balance. Peace begins from within: to change something in the life of humanity, it is necessary to make sure that all people start changing something in themselves.


“A change in perception leads to a change in attitude, which leads to a change in behaviour, which leads to a change in the world!” 

“Life is what you make it! So, learn peace, teach peace, and share peace”, concluded Vanda Gagiano. 

Viktoria Yezhova, Global Women Media news agency 

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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