Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

Sati Mata: “Sometimes Love Heals Better than Medicine”

On the Summer Peace Summit, the pandemic, and the secrets of peace
Sati Mata: “Sometimes Love Heals Better than Medicine”

People of different ages, professions, and cultures turn to Sati Mata Ji to listen to her wise advice. In her reflections, she often relies on both scientific facts and deep spiritual postulates. Discussing the Second Summer Peace Summit, we talked with Sati Mata about today’s global problems and the way how women can improve the situation.

Сати_T2.jpg Sati Mata Ji
PhD in Psychology, Spiritual Master of Himalayan Siddha-Yoga, President of the Academy of Himalayan Siddha Yoga and Human Self-Fulfilment, Editor-in-Chief of ‘Be the Light’ magazine, author of books about yoga and spiritual development

As a permanent expert of the Peace 50 community, Sati Mata Ji believes that women play a special role in the global development and the preservation of peace. That is why it is important to make sure that they are free from fear and anxiety and full of love towards other people. When looking at them, you can sometimes see the state of society and understand what people are ready to share with one another 

The Summer Peace Summit is an annual meeting of the Peace 50 members, influential women from different countries. Last year, Sati Mata Ji was one of the event’s speakers. She told about the natural power of women and their potential in maintaining peace and harmony. This year, the expert took part in the event as a listener. Within the discussion, the community’s participants discussed possible ways to address pressing global problems, including those related to the aftermath of the pandemic. 

– Today is exactly one year since the First Summer Peace Summit in Belgium. The world has changed over this time. How did the role of women in preserving peace change? 

– The role of women has not changed throughout centuries. The world is changing, common trends are changing, and even ‘fashion for women’ is changing. However, the role of women in preserving peace remains the same: maintaining balance through love! 


Women are the basis of progress, the heart of a nation. They can be compared to the breath of life. 

There is a mighty creative force in us that can stop any war. However, it is important to understand that we must first eliminate internal conflicts to stop external ones, i.e. achieve harmony, balance, bring the mind to a state of peace, and get rid of contradictions. 

I believe that the main mission of a woman is to establish the canons of morality and righteousness, to instill the desire for moral and spiritual development in children. We can only do that when we ourselves become role models. 

– What impressions of this year’s meeting of the Peace 50 community do you have? 

– This year, women have become wiser. They have expanded their area of responsibility. Women managed to show on their own example that it is possible to do great things for peace even in times of crisis. 

Many women continued to work and care for their families in the pandemic remaining calm and conscious. 

– Why is it important to hold such events today? 

– Everything that is united by a good and ‘eco-friendly’ idea should flourish. It is especially important in such a difficult period for the world when many people are immersed in unrest, anxiety, hopelessness, and fear of the unknown. 

Anyone is influenced by authorities. We have to follow someone, that’s how our mind works. It’s good if one chooses proper authorities to follow. 


It is necessary to follow those having extensive experience of life, not giving up under the pressure of public stereotypes, and knowing what sincere love is. If a woman opens her heart and nurtures the whole world like a mother, does not she have to share her experience with other women showing them the way to freedom and happiness? 

– This year, the Summit participants paid much attention to the pandemic of the coronavirus. Do you think that these global events affected the consciousness and worldviews of people? 

– If recalling history, we can understand that people have always been in a certain state of segregation. Society has always consisted of white and coloured, rich and poor, smart and stupid, educated and illiterate. Today, the world is divided into two camps: those able to cope with the stress and emotional instability during the pandemic and those who aren’t strong enough to do so. 

The secret of people remaining calm lies in their conscious attitude towards everything that is happening around them, the ability to adjust to the right mood and to turn negative into positive. 


Our world is changing right now. It is switching to a different vibration frequency. There is a notion called Schumann frequency. It’s the electromagnetic oscillations of ultra-low frequency that occur between the surface of the Earth and the ionosphere. However, not only our planet but also every person has a positive or negative charge. According to the natural laws, the Earth and people must live in harmony, synchronise with each other. They must ‘sound in unison’, be one living organism, in which the great heart of truth beats. 

The power of nature is truly unique and uncontrollable. When people overstepped the bounds of common sense and started destroying everything and wasting resources thoughtlessly, the planet turned against them. There’s a scientific explanation for that. Since 1987, the lattice structure of the Earth’s magnetic field has changed from the usual 7.6-7.8 Hz. It started growing rapidly. By now, the Schumann frequency had reached about 40 Hz, thus rising more than 5 times throughout 33 years. 

Scientists have proven that every emotion has its own frequency. For example, the guilt, grief and fear have the lowest rate from 0.1 to 2 Hz. These are destructive emotions. They are followed by resentment, sadness, envy, jealousy, greed, anger, grief, and hatred. They don't exceed 3 Hertz. The vibrations are particularly high when we feel gratitude (45 Hz) or faith and joy (150 Hz). Certainly, love is one of the most high-frequency feelings. It is a creative positive emotion, reaching over 205 Hz. A truly loving person feels united with everything around him or her. 


Low frequencies destroy us and high frequencies help us recover and be happy. 

So, what is happening today? A person who does not increase the level of emotional vibrations is not able to take care of his or her body. The frequencies of the Earth are increasing rapidly. It means that we need high-frequency emotions to coexist with the planet harmoniously. The pandemic of the coronavirus is only one of the trials. However, we can overcome it thanks to love. 

The peace of mind is the secret of peace in general. If we don’t start caring about the purity of our thoughts, words, and actions, the world will be destroyed. 

– Women in many countries have found themselves in a difficult situation. During the period of self-isolation, in addition to working, they had more responsibility for domestic duties and family care than usual. What tips could you share with them as a wise and understanding person? 

– As a practitioner, I always give the same advice: practice! The task of every woman is to start thinking about personal emotional hygiene. All they have to do is to spend 1-2 hours a day on calming their minds. There can be different ways to do that: yoga, qigong, meditation, praying, or creative activities. That can be any activity thanks to which they can stop their inner dialogue for a while.


The ability to track your emotion and quickly ‘get out’ of it can’t be learned at once. It presupposes a daily work on your inner maturation. 

Remember that your love and care for your loved ones is not embodied only in a perfectly cleaned house or skillfully prepared dinner. It is your personal state of peace and the ability to bring harmony to the world around you. 

– What would you wish women from all over the world? 

– Women must never forget about their special inner power. That doesn’t mean they have to compete with men. A woman’s strength lies in her ability to love and her commitment to harmony and balance. 

Don’t be afraid of exploring every corner of your consciousness. You can accept yourself only when you know who you are. 

You must learn to love if you want to be happy. 

Love is the most powerful energy in the universe. It is the vital energy of each of us. Love must become our single language if we want to understand one another, preserve peace, and develop the world jointly. 

Viktoria Yezhova, Global Women Media news agency

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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