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Women 20 Communiqué 2020

Recommendations on achieving sustainable development
Women 20 Communiqué 2020

In 2020, the Women 20 (W20) celebrates its fifth anniversary. The new W20 Summit took place at the moment when the world is moving to a new phase of its existence. Today, humanity faces many challenges related to technological revolutions, economic uncertainty, social unrest, and rapidly unfolding global crises that have been caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The W20 participants outlined the possible solutions to these challenges in their new communiqué.

Гюльдан_T.jpg Gülden Türktan
Founding Chair of the W20, Chairperson of the Board of IWF Turkey, former President of the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGIDER)

The Group of Twenty (G20) is the organisation, based on which the W20 substructure was created. Taking into consideration the current circumstances, G20 leaders see their responsibility in following the path of the economic recovery of the world. They are convinced that women acting as equal partners and key economic actors are an important element in the chain of solutions to pressing problems. 

Inclusiveness and diversity enrich decision making that is critical for effective policies and business practices required to tackle the crisis and its offshoots sustainably.


The COVID-19 pandemic has become an impetus to resetting the G20 economies. According to the G20 leaders, new strategies must be based on a principle of inclusiveness and an acknowledgement that the full and equitable participation of women in economic activity is critical to a faster socio-economic recovery. 

Gender inequality that has brightly manifested itself during the pandemic has clearly demonstrated the urgency to address the problem in order to enhance the resilience of all spheres of social life.


Every year, the Women 20 delegates prepare a W20 Communiqué under the leadership of the presidency country. This document contains recommendations and is addressed to the G20 leaders. The document demonstrates a women’s view on addressing the most acute problems. 

The Women 20 Communiqué 2020 included two main groups of recommendations. The first of them concerned the key measures necessary to expedite the economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The second one was aimed at long-term work on achieving the UN Sustainable Development Agenda, SDGs, and the objective of a strong, sustainable, and balanced growth by supporting women’s social and economic empowerment.


The key measures on supporting economic recovery presuppose several steps. They include ensuring equal representation of women at all levels of decision making in national and global structures, adopting gender-responsive budgeting, increasing investment in social infrastructure to create jobs, and implementing social and income protection mechanisms. The document also paid special attention to stimulating women’s participation in entrepreneurship and increasing women’s and girls’ access to digital technology.


The W20 recommendations are aimed at eliminating gender imbalance in the economy and inequality in men’s and women’s economic opportunities. According to the members of the organisation, these problems undermine the G20’s objective of strong, sustainable, and balanced growth. 

The key measures towards long-term economic empowerment of women specified in the W20 Communiqué include 22 clauses. All those are recommendations on legal and social reforms, women’s entrepreneurship, inclusive decision-making, equitable labour inclusion, access to finance, digital inclusion, and G20 accountability.


To let its readers learn more about the document, the Global Women Media news agency publishes the official text of the W20 Communiqué 2020 in English and Russian: 

Viktoria Yezhova, Global Women Media news agency

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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